/ Cognitive Radio

Our cognitive radio solutions, built on our CIELOâ„¢ software radio platform, includes a cognitive engine capable of autonomous learning and reconfiguration to adapt to dynamic spectral environments providing complete spectrum situational awareness and robust, anti-jam wireless communications for cyberspace operations.

Use Cases: Cognitive Radio and Radar, Direction Finding/Beamforming, Wireless Gateways/Sensors, Unmanned System Remote Control

/ Edge Analytic Accelerators

Our edge analytic accelerators leverage heterogeneous computing architectures including FPGAs and GPUs to provide hardware acceleration of analytics at the edge of the network. Customers get answers as the data is collected not hours later after it is transported to the cloud.

Use Cases: Real-time edge analytics for IoT, Wireless Security, Biometric and Cyber Data Triage, Cloud Ingest Pre-Processing